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Research Impact

Saint Louis University research is steeped in our history and guides our future. From the discovery of the life-saving properties of vitamin K to the development of computer-guided surgery technology, at SLU our researchers explore new frontiers and tackle tough questions.

Students in a Research Lab

Guided by a Mission

The work of SLU Research is compassionate, transformative, and innovative.

The research done at SLU reflects our university's Jesuit values and our desire to care for the most vulnerable members of our society. The work of our researchers addresses the greatest issues facing our world today, while striving to help our local community in St. Louis grow into a more equitable and innovative one. 

In 2002, we joined visionaries who predicted St. Louis could become a hub of bioscience and technology innovation, founding Cortex, an innovation community fueling scientific discovery, entrepreneurism and economic growth in the region. Our Research Innovation Group is located in the heart of the Cortex Innovation Community and turns SLU discoveries into startups that aim to cure deadly pulmonary fibrosis, alleviate pain without addiction, treat cancer, diagnose hepatitis C and fuel airplanes more efficiently

At SLU Research, we seek to live out our motto in all we do: "Igniting Discovery, Transforming Lives." 

Research Projects

SLU is a comprehensive research university, and our research interests span the academic spectrum. Below is a small sampling of the research done every day at SLU. 

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The Center for Vaccine Development

The Center for Vaccine Development at SLU is a leader in the nation. Our researchers there have previously studied the bird flu and the Zika virus, and they are currently gearing up to begin trials for a universal flu vaccine.

Learn more about the Center for Vaccine Development

SLU Drug Discovery and Development Group

The Saint Louis University Drug Discovery and Development Group (SLU-D3G) is a multidisciplinary association of researchers with a shared interest in drug development.

Learn more about SLU-D3G 

Infectious Diseases

Thanks to the work of our researchers in the School of Medicine, SLU is one of nine universities that receives funding from the National Institutes of Health for Infectious Diseases. 

Learn more about the School of Medicine

University Research Initiatives

SLU is in the process of identifying and investing in collaborative programs that will establish SLU as a leading destination for research, training, and innovation in a given topic or area. This multi-year competition offers increasing levels of investment for projects that demonstrate broad faculty engagement, strong leadership, and compelling research and business plans. A call for "Big Ideas" has been sent out to our faculty, and the proposals we have received are currently being reviewed. 

For more information about this process, contact Jasmin Patel, assistant vice president for Research Strategy, at