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Established in 1973 as The President's Advisory Commission on the Status of Women, its initial primary focus was affirmative action and equal opportunity. To meet the changing needs of University women, the Commission was restructured twice before its present bylaws were adopted in 1986. An Executive Board, widely representative of the women at the University, sponsors programs, provides a forum for women's concerns and serves as a vehicle for communication about issues and opportunities for women in higher education. The Women's Commission has sponsored special workshops and seminars and, since 1978, has recognized the contributions of women to the University by honoring the "Woman of the Year" at an annual luncheon. Programs are open to all members of the University community.

The Women's Commission Launches the Sister Shirley Kolmer Memorial Grant
The Women's Commission has empowered, enriched, and educated the community of Saint Louis University women by heightening awareness of relevant women's issues, connecting women with opportunities for personal and professional development, and recognizing the outstanding contributions female faculty, staff and students have made to our esteemed institution.

Through the Sister Shirley Memorial Grant, made possible with initial support from an anonymous Women's Commission member and Woman of the Year award winner, the Women's Commission will now be equipped to support SLU women in a tangible, financial way, in addition to the longstanding programmatic and advocacy support realized over the past four decades.

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